Post by Ashton

Like all the other days here in Guatemala I woke up with a smile on my face, ready for the day to begin. We had a delicious breakfast that then led into a good devotional from Corey. Diving into the Lord before we start as a team is always so beneficial.

We also got to witness a fun rap from Brett and Corey on our way to Alotenango that was just hilarious to watch. Many laughs on this trip. The bonding we have been able to have is spectacular.  This team sure knows how to have fun.

We got to spend the day with the Misteco family again to do ministry. We had the opportunity to go down to Fernando’s hometown which is Alotenango. Being able to work with this family has just been a huge blessing. We got to do more home visits and share the gospel, and just create connections with these beautiful people. Hearing their stories and the miracles that have happened in their lives, really shows how God is so prevalent here in Guatemala. God is doing amazing things in this country, and I got to have a little taste of it today and the past few days. The hospitality of these families is beautiful.

After the home visits we got to take a little break and eat some food. During lunch we got to know the Misteco family a bit more, and just hearing their heart for what they do is inspiring. We got to do one more home visit after lunch and this family was so sweet and beautiful.  All the families here are so welcoming.

Later in the afternoon we went to Antigua a little earlier to explore before the worship night. This was an awesome time that we got to see more of the city of Antigua but, also get to know the team more. Everyone on the team is so special and unique in their own way. God really crafted the perfect team for this trip. It’s crazy how fast I got comfortable with them. They all just make it so easy. These are the types of relationships I will remember today and in the future. While walking around Antigua we got to go into this chocolate shop to try some chocolate and get some coffee afterwards.

Lastly, we were able to attend the worship night in Antigua. I was so excited for it because worship has always been my favorite way to connect with the Lord. The Lord was undeniably in that place. You could feel it in the atmosphere and just the way everyone was worshipping. I loved the main focus behind the worship night. In short, always trust in the Lord in your trials and tribulations. It is never comfortable growing in our faith, but the Lord is in control and is watching over each one of us.  It was the best way to end a busy day.

I am beyond grateful and blessed to be here in Guatemala. God is doing amazing things and is going to continue. All I can say is I am so grateful to be here and participate in all these beautiful ministries. As always God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good.