This post by Mandy

Now it’s my time to write the blog. To wrap up our stay with our Honduran family, to share a glimpse of my feelings with you, and to, hopefully, write something inspirational to make you desire redemption for these people like we do…

So here we go, here starts Amanda’s rendition of Honduras 2023.

The first day started with travel that would make a grown man cry. From close to no layover in Dallas, TX to getting trapped on the sky train in Miami, FL. We experienced everything… but we were greeted cheerfully by dozens of people at the airport.

The second day was the heat adjustment day. As we were all very excited; it was wonderful and extremely energy inducing but a huge adjustment. Everyone was hot but still prepared to work with a happy heart. We whistled along as if the heat and dehydration didn’t affect us then with multiple adios’s and hasta manana’s to and from people I barely knew we retreated to the bus for our 45 minute bus ride to the hostel where we stay.

The next few days went as planned. Stay flexible always because there is never a set plan (even if it’s written). Work hard but prioritize relationships above all. And eat SO MUCH FOOD. All was well with a few sun burns and tummy aches.

Now I find myself hours after the big “goodbye” celebration thinking about how I cannot imagine the weight of this on them. They threw us a party! With choreographed dances that they have been practicing for 2 months. They all had matching outfits.. the boys in white shirts with MVF CHURCH stamped on the back and the girls with silky blue panchos to cover their red shirts. With the boys yelling randomly and the girls holding flags from a large handful of countries that are flowing in the wind as they dance. I sit breathless… with a smile of empathy for their tears not having realized the weight of this trip until that moment. I found tears welled in my eyes but could not fall. I was completely astounded.

The told us later during a speech that it’s so hard for them to let us go after these trips because we are their only form of hope… They said that they know God is watching out for them because they have us. Every time that we come they are reminded that there is still someone who cares for them. It made me sad to hear that. When we are here they seem so full of joy, hope and kindness but when we leave what sort of lies is Satan telling them? Do they ever escape the feelings of loneliness when we leave? I can’t answer that unfortunately… but I sure hope so.

All I know is they have shown me what it really looks like to SERVE God’s Kingdom. They’re the most selfless people I have ever met; giving us all when they are the ones in need. It concretes the idea in my head that if we are going to serve we should do so ALL IN because if we aren’t so many people will miss out on seeing Christ’s love through us. Even if there is uncertainty whether a mission is right for you, try it out and commit to serving the way Jesus would for 10 days, with a happy heart! Whether it’s your calling or not make the decision to take every opportunity you can to find your gift of service. God is inviting you to take a leap, try something hard, and find how you can serve the people of his Kingdom. We can all have an impact.

Now back to this moment where time feels like it stopped.

With tears welled in my eyes I can’t cry; maybe because of my lack of heart or maybe, just maybe, it’s that voice in the back of my head that’s saying “I will be back.”

So why cry when you aren’t saying goodbye but instead you’re saying, “see you later”?

Hasta Luego Honduras
I will miss you everyday!