Friday started with a HUGE spider crawling up our wall. I am talking HUGE! The kind of spider that you think you can kill from a distance, but the closer you get the bigger it gets and the hairier it looks. We still have spider legs sprinkled on the floor because they were that gross to pick up.  I also learned that lukewarm showers, may not sound so terrible, BUT in reality are traumatizing. The moment you want to get out, it starts to get warm so you decide to stay a little longer in hopes that it will turn to a nice warm shower and then it turns ice cold again.  Pure evil!

Over the past several years of my life I have felt led and guided by God in my daily practices, but since being here I’ve felt truly surrounded by angels. I have felt them as I talked to my patient who was feeling overwhelmed about being a single mom, or another woman who has been out of work for a month and doesn’t know how she is going to afford food or another woman who just lost her husband after 50 years of marriage. Obviously, I had no clue what advice I could give them because I have never been any where near their situations, and I’m not sure I said anything profound, but I tried. As I tried to think of what to say – and prayed to say something that would be helpful – I truly felt God’s love for them, but in addition I could almost envision angels surrounding these good people and holding them up. I am convinced more than I have been in the past – that God not only hears our prayer’s but he gives us miracles – even in the worst circumstances.

– Lizzie