By: Kobe Doman

Today we went to John John’s house and had bananas and French toast for breakfast! When we where done we got one goat and gave it to a family. Then we went back to get Chocolate and Gorge (the goats) to give to two other families. We had to get the goats on the bus and it was a nightmare. When we got off the bus we got to meet Juan Carlo, one of the kids my family sponsors. When we got back to the guest house it was lunch time and for lunch we had rice and soup over it. Then my mom and I took a little boy  back to this house from school. On the walk we saw a water pump that works. When we got to the little boys house we gave them a goat, and then the mom came out with a baby that was almost one month old.  When we got back some people took showers because a lot of us were sweaty. When we where done taking showers I played with the Haitian kids for a while then it was dinner and we had spaghetti  and bread and we did a devotional and then we went to bed.

By: Aiden Edwards

Today I woke up and sat on my bed for a while and waited for some one to wake up. But noone did. So I got up and went in to the kitchen and waited some more. Then Curtis woke up. And here comes the other team members. We went over to JeanJean and Kristie’s and had breakfast. We had French toast and  bananas it was so good I loved it. After breakfast we picked two goats to give to some of our Sponsor children. It was so hard to get the goats off and on the bus. Kobe hade to drag the goats everywhere, he hated it. When we got back we had to go put in a cement floor in and it was a pain in the butt for the parents. After we prayed for the home owners. We had lunch and then we walked the sponsor kids and their goats back to their home. The parents of the sponsor children were so happy. We got back and ate dinner. We ate spaghetti and bread it was so good I loved it.

Aren’t those boys the cutest! Today was jam packed with sweat and goats. We spent the morning in the hot sun pouring another concrete floor for a young family with a 3yr old and a 1yr old. It’s quite a sight seeing how these families have been living on their dirt floors. What’s even more of a sight is watching all of their neighbors come over and pitch in moving concrete and water buckets. One thing we could all learn from the people of Haiti is how to love thy neighbor. They truly follow Galatians 5:14 “For, the whole law is fulfilled in one word: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”. We sweated buckets and loved every minute of it, even if the boys thought it looked like a pain in the butt.

After lunch we delivered the goats and much to our surprise our kids didn’t shed a tear seeing their lil buddies go. Meeting your sponsor kid for the first time is an amazing feeling. Seeing their adorable faces and witnessing the impact we’re making is extremely emotional. It’s also a beautiful reunion when we get to love on the sponsor kids we’ve had for years. These families are so appreciative for the love and support we give them. One young girl was even sick from school today and she walked with her Dad to UCI to pick up her goat. Meeting their families, witnessing their struggles, and feeling their love is truly unforgettable.

One of the projects our mission has supported is the purchase of a water pump for irrigating crops. UCI has purchased roughly 30 of these pumps from generous donations. The pumps allow them to take water from the river and irrigate the land. They grow eggplant, cabbage, corn, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc. These pumps have been able to impact the lives of 30,000 people. Helping them to live healthy lives. It’s mind blowing to think about how much a $1,200 pump can really impact a whole community. The people of Haiti are learning how to be self sufficient and provide for their own people. We were able to meet the family that will care for the land. They shared their heart felt love and appreciation for us. We were able to pray over the land. We know God will provide and these people will see an abundance of healthy food for their community.

Although we spend our days serving the community we take time at night as a team to reflect on our day and our feelings in this experience. We’re growing everyday. In Haiti praying out loud is a common practice but in America it can be scary for some. We’ve challenged and stretched ourselves this week to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and share his messages out loud. We’re overcoming fear and supporting one another as we continue to grow. We’ve become family and it’s so special.

It’s hard to believe our trip is almost over. We’re soaking in every minute but we’re excited to see our family and friends. We’re sending you all much love and many prayers!

Kobe is 10 and Aiden is 9