Today was a good day.  Just like all the days in the previous week.  It was a day filled with joy, happiness, laughter, smiles, and beautiful weather.  I’ve never been to a place with so much and yet so little.  The world has seemed to leave this place in the past in every way, except the most important things.  The people of Haiti’s love for God, family, and each other is infectious.  Smiles that melt your heart are not only an everyday occurrence, but so often it makes your jaw hurt.  We were able to see the dividends of work done by our team and our partner’s work with the near completion of the home we have been working on.  It’s a nice house, which will serve one of the friendliest and deserving families you will ever meet as well.  We also made a surprise visit to a massive canal fed garden that previous teams have helped to build.  A garden that brings hope and progress to a previously neglected valley as bright and growing as are the hundreds and hundreds of children that fill the local churches, streets and schools.

As a team we were able to buy 10 goats for families in need. We split into three groups and headed in different directions to walk our goats to their new families. I’m sure we were a sight to see, a bunch of Americans walking goats on leashes down the road. Some of the goats were pregnant so they will be a huge blessing for the families. Jimmy, Jorge, Fred, Pattie and Lilly were just a few of the names that we gave to these crazy goats – all very fitting for their personalities. We told each family the name we gave these goats and they just laughed, probably thinking about how crazy we were, but we all loved it. There might have been a few tears for those that became attached to the goats. These families are going to be helped so much by these little creatures and it’s amazing just to think about.

Our team was also blessed to help feed a group of about 60 to 70 children, my absolute favorite part of this trip.  These children that we are supposedly helping, are the ones helping us.  They show endless positivity, love and happiness in what would seem the direst of circumstances.  They epitomize all that is good and right in the world and show God’s love in its purist form.

To end the day, we attended a truly unique church service consisting of mostly amazing praise music directed from a band fully equipped with guitars, island drums, a piano and the most amazing island style praise music you can imagine.  It was the perfect ending to another good day.  Our gracious host JeanJean, his amazing staff, the children, and God have taught us all lessons in happiness, compassion and joy that we will hopefully never forget and make returning to this blessed place not a question of if, but a question of when.

Blessings, Chuck