Today was definitely life changing for me. It’s not like I have never served before, or been out of the country before or seen people going through hard times, but what will stay for me forever is the attitudes that these people choose to have. If we were in america, you probably wouldn’t see people that had to wait in line to see a nurse or doctor for multiple hours have a big smile on their face. No matter what bad news you tell them they respond with gratefulness. It’s because they have chosen to be thankful no matter what. It is unbelievable the emotional resiliency that these people have, and so many times today, they showed me how someone can come out of a dark time still praising God. This is definitely going to be something that stays with me forever, If these people can do it, I know that is more than possible to do it in mine. Today was long, tiring, sometimes stressful, incredible day. I am so glad to have this opportunity to be serving here with this excellent team.


Today we went to the clinic, and it was cool experience. I did a lot of drawing today, as I am a part of the kids ministry. At one point there was a lot of people all around me watching me draw a big mountain with chalk. One little kid actually tried to copy what I was drawing, it was very surprising to see that, and super cool. One super cool thing that I saw was one of the volcano’s here in Guatemala spewing out smoke. While I was out doing house visits, I saw a big white rooster on the roof of a house. It was very inspiring to see how these people lived, and it made me sure that my choice to come here is the right choice. These people are very optimistic, and it is incredible to see how they are always looking at the bright side of life, even though some of them are going through very difficult times. All of the food here is good, but it has been different, especially today’s lunch. I am very excited for the rest of my time here.