This post by Sherry

Today was our first day at Healing Nations and it was an early morning. We were excited and nervous. We’ve all been praying hard that we could minister to others in a loving, servant way and I felt His presence today. My interpreter and I spent the day giving the social/economic survey to each person that came through the Outreach. I had a great interpreter but really wanted to speak their language at least a little so that I could connect with them on a more personal level. My favorite question to ask in this survey was “Tienes una Biblia” (do you have a bible?). If they didn’t, I had the privilege to give them one. What an honor.

We also had several opportunities to pray for individuals at our station. When they shared their difficulties, our hearts ached for them. We know we can’t fix all their problems but we know prayer can give peace and comfort so at least we offered that. At the end of the day, we walked an older woman home with a big bag of food since her pantry was empty. She welcomed us in her tiny home and with glad hearts we prayed with her. It’s touching to see their smiling faces even as they face suffering and lack many of the things we consider necessities. Many of them said, “But thanks to God, I have food every day.”

Tomorrow will be another long day, but I am already anticipating what God will do.