It’s hard to believe that in a few short hours we will board a plane and return to the US. We had such a great week filled with many special moments between our team and our Guatemalan friends. Thank you so much to everyone for supporting our team through your prayers and giving! We could not have done it without you.


Oh Guatemala, oh Guatemala where do I begin? – My heart will long for you, until I return again. God bless you and keep you!


Guatemala is a place with magic doors. When we first arrived at where we were staying it wasn’t even noticeable, it was just a wall with a nice looking wooden door, but when you walk inside a beautiful and expansive home opens up to you. Doors made of tin lead to lineages and family histories. Doorways of hangers and coffee shops lead to places of worship. Hotel doors lead to historic churches. The hearts of people are doorways we got to peak into the most this week. If you ever consider going on a missions trip, know it’ll be a doorway you never come back out the same as you left before.


Guatemala you definitely have my heart. Today was a great last day of ministry. I felt so many emotions that you just can’t put into words. This country has a special place in my heart, from the people we worked with, to the families and kids. It was all just so beautiful and wonderful. I will forever be grateful for everything the Lord allowed me to be part of. Words can’t express my gratitude and love for the people and this place. The memories I have created here, I will forever carry with me. Thank you Guatemala. I shall be back soon.


When I think of Guatemala, hospitality is a word that frequently comes to mind. The hospitality that the people of this country show me every time I visit is such a gift from the Lord. We were strangers to all of the homes that we visited, yet were received in such a warm, friendly, and generous way. Thank you my Guatemalan friends for giving us such a beautiful picture of what Christ-like hospitality looks like. I can’t wait to see you again.


“Knowing that your future is absolutely assured can free you to live abundantly today.” This was a quote from today’s devotion in Jesus Calling. Knowing that God has everything planned for us allows us to live abundantly fully today and everyday. From visiting families to spread the gospel to playing soccer with the children at Kid’s Club – there is never a dull moment here! The people here are so present in their actions and fully trust God and his future for them and their family. I am so thankful for this experience and cannot wait to see where God takes me.


This was my second time coming to Guatemala to serve. My teammate’s daily blog entries summed our trip up quite well, so read them if you haven’t. Upon leaving, my heart is full of love for everybody we were able to work with and meet. It is so amazing here, but there are a lot of struggling families. I wish so badly that I could do more. It’s tough leaving, but I am going to make sure to keep in touch with the Misteco family, who we worked closely with for the last week. They do an amazing ministry. Their whole family runs with God! Thanks for the support. I can’t wait to come again.