As I look back on the time we have had here in Guatemala, we have been blessed to serve beside some true servants of God here in Guatemala, from the Pastors to the guard who opens the gate when we come and go.  It has also been a joy to meet, fellowship with and work beside the Iglesia Galilea youth in San Lucas.

As our mission trip is coming to a close and I look back on what we have learned and experienced, I am so grateful for each team member and all they have contributed.  God truly put this team together with many different talents and gifts that has lightened the workload for all.

We have had to be very flexible as we faced a few roadblocks along the way.  One being that the city of Membrillal decided to tear up the road to replace pipes where the festival was to be held.  After some discussion, the decision was made to hold the festival at the church.  This was quite a challenge but everyone went right to work and the festival was a success.  This was a gift from God as our goal in doing the festival was to open the doors of the church to the people.  God did this in a very big way.

What a joy it has been for me to get to know each team member better and to see the team become as one in service to others. I have seen our team verse, Philippians 2:3 lived out in each person as they have considered others above themselves.  Thank you all for your time and talents.  I cherish the time we had to serve together.

Post by Carol