Party…Fiesta…Festival…Carnival! Hey it’s T! Guaty is good. Life is good. I hope all is well in Utah. Luv the comments.

Post by Thomas

…to add on to what Thomas said, today was an awesome day! We all had an amazing time playing soccer with the kids this morning, setting up for the festival, and spending time laughing and playing with the local Guatemalans during the festival. Our team was blessed with the opportunity to go on several home visits today. During these visits we were graciously welcomed into several of the homes of the children Capital sponsors. With us we brought backpacks filled with school supplies, shoes, and even a soccer ball. To see the gratitude and the joy that filled each home I entered was so touching and so humbling. As I reflect on each beautifully rewarding day I’ve spent here in Guatemala, it’s easy to look back and see the tangible impact we’ve made—the piles of dirt moved, the gravel shoveled, the concrete poured—but what’s impacted my heart more are the less tangible things. The humility and the gratitude of the Guatemalans, along with the relationships I’ve witnessed and developed have been more of a blessing than I could’ve imagined. From watching Rudy humbly start working at 7:30 every morning while we’re all enjoying our deliciously prepared meal, to seeing the joy in a Guatemalan grandmother’s eyes as she sees the backpack we’ve brought for her granddaughter, each day here brings new encounters of God’s love pouring out in the simplest yet most impactful ways. The relationships I’ve developed in the past week are one of the things that stick out to me most about this trip. We’ve been able to develop relationships with the youth of Iglesia Galilea, despite the language barrier, by doing things like passing out festival fliers around town and playing dangerous but still hilarious games at youth group. I’ve gotten closer to friends I’ve grown up with, like Emma, Harrison, and Thomas, but I’ve also gotten the chance to learn about a lot of the adults on our team. I’ve learned about Rick’s career, family, and relationship with God by simply washing dishes with him, and I’ve learned all about Carol’s life spent serving God around the world. I’m grateful to God for the work he’s doing in and through us here at Iglesia Galilea. We’ve been blessed with a skilled, dynamic, and very humorous team, and we can’t wait to share our experience with all of you when we get home!!

Post by Nicolette