So, today was a day of humility.  After an amazing breakfast prepared by the best cooks in all of Haiti, we went to a house that was getting a new floor with our donated funds.  The house was modest, 4 rooms.  It was decorated so nice.  The family was there moving what little furniture they had outside.  You could see they took pride in their home.  We all helped hauling sand & carrying buckets of cement into the rooms.  The Haitian workers were unbelievable.  They would take piles of sand, gravel & cement mix it all together, out in the yard & then we hauled the buckets like an assembly line.  We were a well-oiled machine. . .at least I thought so.  We came home for another fabulous meal, showered & then off to the elementary school.  We broke into groups & helped some children count in English and sing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (one of my favorite).  It was fun, the children were precious & so cute.  Then we went to a feeding center.  This is when children from another area meet at a church 3 times a week.  They sing, play games, learn about God and, if there is money, they get a meal.  We as a group provided donation for food.

So, this is a synopsis of what we did, now for my feelings on this day.  The people we served were so humble, so grateful, so full of God’s love that tears were in my eyes, a lump was in my throat & a smile on my face.  They are genuine, as are these beautiful people I’ve been blessed enough to come here with.  The Lord knows what he is doing, doesn’t He?  All these servants of the Lord are good, kind, giving people with true love for God.  We all have learned to love these people of Haiti & want to help them all we can.  The need is great, with so many ways we could help.  It has been an honor & a pleasure to serve the people of Haiti even for a short time with wonderful people.

I am amazed how clean all the children are in their uniforms, and how well dressed the college students are.  The respect they show to the facility they are blessed to attend is heartwarming.  These beautiful people, who have so little by American standards, are quick to smile, grateful for all they have and readily share.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for this opportunity, continue to bless them & all who serve.

Maybe Janell will let me blog another day, so I can talk about the dogs & horses 😊  Cindy