From Zoey:

One of the many blessings people who come on this trip encounter is forming relationships with the people of Guatemala. Usually it’s with the people we meet in the clinic or on the home visits, but the relationships we make with people don’t have to be limited to the locals who come to the clinic. Today, while shopping in Antigua I had the privilege of getting to meet Cesar and his wife who owned an adorable shop where I got most of my shopping done.

Then there was Morales, an amazing man who Vicki and I got to meet. He hand carves different species of birds and then paints them so realistically you have to take a double take. I ended up finding my favorite bird, so naturally, I had to get it. And well…Vicki got 6. Afterwards Morales asked to get pictures with us and then gave us both hugs and kisses on the cheek. It was a moment I won’t ever forget, and when I look at that gorgeous bird figurine I’ll always be reminded of Morales.

Antigua Day is just as important as the Clinic days, because even though we aren’t supporting the locals with medical and dental care we are helping them make a living and provide for their families. Nothing is better than knowing you helped someone in some kind of way.

From Terrie:

Today we ate at a restaurant called Epicure and had a nice group lunch all together. And, here’s a funny story! I went to wash my hands in the restroom and I met a woman in the bathroom and struck up a conversation and asked if she was from Guatemala. She said she wasn’t, but was here on a mission trip! I asked her what her mission was and she said it was with an organization that supplies shoes for people living in the dump near Antigua. It ends up she was from Brea, California which is near where I am from! She then asked if I was just visiting and I shared with her that I was also on a mission trip and told her all about what our medical team was doing. She was excited to hear about our mission work. I asked if we could pray together and so, just outside the restroom door, we held hands and prayed for each other. I was so glad I struck up a conversation in the bathroom, of all places! I don’t believe it was a coincidence, it was such a joy to pray together! I also went zip lining and faced my fears and had an amazing time! Thank you Dana for taking me! Me writing this blog is proof I am still alive.