Today was a huge contrast to our past two days here in Guatemala. We had the rare opportunity to sleep in past 7:00… all the way till 8:00am! We got to enjoy shopping at some of the local markets, visiting some of the most popular churches and monuments in Antigua, and ended our day making tortillas and practicing our model poses while wearing the unique hand-woven clothing that is so significant to the people of Guatemala. My favorite part was when I received a beautiful bright scarf to wear… later finding out it was a signal to everyone that I am STILL single. Today was a good reminder that while some of the patients we see may prompt us to feel difficult emotions, there is a reason we do it. Laughing alongside the locals, learning about their history, and experiencing some of their daily activities brought emotional reassurance. The extreme gratitude and joy in their faces makes the dark days seem a lot brighter. All in all, Guatemala has once again proven to be so special, and it is a joy to be able to serve God and his people in such a land as this.

– Jordyn