Not only was this Day 1, but it was my first mission experience, and what an AMAZING experience it was!  I was fortunate to be able to interact with many of the patients….. thanks of course to my gracious translator, Jessica.  Although I was administering the PHQ, depression screening questionnaire, and heard some sad stories, I was so blessed to be able to pray together with the patient, Jessica, and sometimes other family members.  We would pray for God’s healing, strength, patience, and most of all His LOVE.

Throughout the entire day I could feel God’s presence; from the morning prayer, devotional and beautiful song, sung by two of the physicians, and on throughout many of the visits and prayers with patients. Even as I sat exhausted counting pills with my fellow missionaries, I could feel God moving through us..especially the multiple times I poured out the capsules in the EXACT amount I needed – thank you LORD!  What a blessed day indeed – I laughed, I cried, and I yawned…. more than once.

I am heading to bed with the most beautiful memories….and cannot wait to do it all again tomorrow!