“my mind it longs for thee,
my soul, it knows what it needs
that your spirit would move in me
that your presence would bonded be,

I’ve encountered the spirit, felt the love of the Father,
found my life in the Savior, and it changed me forever.
I’ve encountered the goodness, felt the truth in the power,
been saved Jesus, I will praise Him forever” – Jervais Campbell

These are the beautiful words singing loudly in my ears tonight as I sit and unwind from the day. These are the words that I pray over the team as they start the week seeing the beautiful souls of Guatemala.

I encountered a beautiful woman today. She came to the outreach today to seek dentistry work for a tooth that happened to be bothering her for months and on her way through, she asked if she could visit with a provider. That was when God took over and she ended up in the chair in front of me. We talked about medications, her health, and then we talked about some hard truths in her life. Without sharing details, I will say I stayed with this woman for 3 hours. As I sit here and write this, I have tears forming, because there would be no other work that a healthcare provider in the US could sit with a patient for 3 hours and listen to her reality. I sat holding this woman’s hands, tears streaming down our faces, sitting in her darkness, together, and praying for the love and light of God’s goodness to just peek through.  This was the purest form of having a Mary heart in a Martha world.

While we couldn’t heal all her wounds today, we have placed a bandaid on the deep cut of her soul just by showing her the love of God, the goodness of community, and allowing her a safe place to be brave enough to say, “I need help”. Jesus, don’t we all. Through Healing Nations, close follow-up, and continued community that will guide her to His goodness, and surround her by a community that will shower her in unconditional love, she will be healed.

This is just one of the many beautiful lives that were touched by the outreach today.

Letting the guard dogs out and turning the lights out from Guatemala,

  • Erin and the Guatemala Team