Our clinic hit the ground running this morning and we saw 96 patients today! Thanks to our amazing providers, nurses, translators, and many helpers.

From Annie: We arrived in Guatemala yesterday afternoon which gave our team an opportunity to set-up the clinic prior to seeing patients, which is a first, and provided the benefit to hit the ground running with patients today. Another first was implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) as prior to this trip, documentation occurred primarily on paper. Speaking from first hand experience, implementing an EMR is a feat of its own with new challenges yet many positives for both caregivers and the patients. So, thank you Shawnda for all your work in helping design our inaugural EMR and it’s a great starting point.

Since the pandemic started this is the first time our team has been to Guatemala. It was good to see familiar and new smiling faces. The people are so welcoming, gracious, and filled with a thankful heart even though there are many life challenges and limited resources they face every day. My heart felt torn at many times seeing their tears fall upon their face while they told their stories of physical pains and mental anguish. The compassion you feel is beyond measure and the simplest prayer goes a long way. There were a couple times today I felt the sadness exuding from their soul, compassion swelled within me, and asked for their permission to pray for them because I know God provides healing power not only for their physical body but their soul. The Guatemalan people will always remain in my heart and prayers. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to serve others and to be with a great team and organization.