Hello dear friends and family,

This is Addy.  We made it to Guatemala safe and sound.  Our first day at the clinic was very fun.  I was able to help kids that were scared and nervous about seeing the dentist.  I held their hands and distracted them while they were getting their teeth done.  I talked to the kids and parents about taking care of their teeth, so they don’t get cavities.  I also went on a community visit to see two families in the community.  It made me very grateful for all the things that I have and the place that I live.  I am also very grateful that I am healthy.  I got to play a little soccer with two kids in the community and they were so excited when they scored a goal.  I am really glad that I was able to come on this trip.

And this is Amy… (Addy’s mom and 4th veteran to the medical clinic).  I am so grateful to be here again and get to spend time with these amazing people.  This experience never seems to grow old and we are welcomed back each year to open arms in San Lucas and Membriall.  It is truly a gift and I am excited to share it with Addy.  I hope she can build the same relationships and friendships that I have been able to and become a better person because of them.

Today, as the first day of the clinic did not let us down in being super chaotic.  It is always a learning process to figure out how to manage the patient flow and work well as team.  By the end of the day the it was close to a well-oiled machine.  24+ bags of medical supplies and a ton of work later we have a full functioning clinic with triage, procedure area, provider areas, dental, and pharmacy.  Once everything is set up and the patients began to trickle in, the real fun begins.  I keep telling myself I am going to learn some real Spanish so I can communicate better, but it hasn’t happened yet – thank goodness there is always next year.  Cheers to an amazing team of people who have chosen to serve God in caring for others through the medical clinic and to an incredible week of experiences.