Praise God for a full and smooth first day of our medical outreach! We saw 92 patients today and are certainly all joyfully exhausted. :)

Post by Chloe:

As someone who has been around and involved with children for the majority of my life, I thought I was rather prepared to come here and play and interact with the local kids. I came here ready to teach the kids crafts and tell bible stories and love on them. I completed all of those, though not in the way that I expected to.

I probably should have known that all the kids would speak mainly Spanish with a few words in English here in there, and that in order to communicate with them and help them with crafts and stories I would have to rely on non-verbal communication or speak haltingly through a translator. I didn’t know that though and have learned a lot today regardless of my limited knowledge.

I have learned how to show love and support to these beautiful kids through my actions and limited facial expressions. I have learned how to help them when they need help and can’t talk to me in a way I understand. I have learned that when an adorable little girl speaks rapid Spanish while holding a sticker that she wants to put it on your face. Most importantly, I have learned and felt and seen the Lord’s love work through me and the children. When my physical capabilities fell short, He filled in the rest. When I struggled with not feeling good enough to help these kids, He reminded me that I had love to give and people that needed me.

It’s only been one day, but I feel like I’ve already grown and learned so much from these people and about myself. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to come here to Guatemala and to be able to stay here for four more days and help more people. I am so thankful that while I may have struggled with communication with the kids, I will never struggle to be able to communicate with my Lord.

Post by Riley

Wow that was fun!!!

I was very stressed for my first day. I was worried that my inability to speak Spanish would divide me from the people I am here to serve. The language barrier that I thought would divide me was non-existent. The people of Guatemala helped me work around it and even encouraged me to practice Spanish. I was given small lessons throughout the day and it shows the beautiful culture of Guatemala.

I got blessed by the Lord today. I finished my outreach role early today and I got to play soccer with some amazing kids. They were incredibly fun and kind. The extra time that the Lord gave me today allowed me to connect with kids and experience a relationship that I have never had before. It is a relationship full of action without words. We were not able to understand one another but language was not needed to create a strong connection. One of the kids went out of his way to buy me a staple Guatemala snack. The kindness behind his action was absolutely amazing. I am very grateful for everything God has given me today.