From Dana:

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures today! The night got away from me and everyone is in bed so I don’t have access to their cameras! I promise double pictures tomorrow. ;) To make up for it, there’s an adorable picture of an adorable baby we got to meet today.

From Shawnda:

Today was a bit slower for some (dental excluded!). We had the opportunity to serve Pastor Tono and his family as well as the rest of the families that work with the program here. They work so hard and it’s an honor to be able to serve and love on them.

The day started with worship at Iglesia Galelea, and a very timely sermon on forgiveness. The sermon was from Matthew 18:21-35. Sure, I’ve heard sermons on this passage before but something Pastor Tono said really struck me. He compared unforgiveness to the dirty shirt you wear and then put back in the drawer and forget about. You go to put that shirt back on and realize it stinks, not just to you but to all those around you. Same with our unforgiveness, when it gets brought back up it not only stinks for you but also for all those around you.

After an early first service we went to the school to set up for clinic. It really was a beautiful day. I even got to play a little soccer with a young man named Benjamin. Well, play may be a bit generous (he might have been a plant). I basically stood there as he dribbled the ball around me before I could even react. But the grin on his face was well worth it! His sisters were so sweet, I may have given them suckers every time they asked(sorry Heather!). When the rains came some of us learned to count to 180 over and over. On the plus side, we now have a lot of packets of vitamins ready to give out. And I’m getting better at writing medication instructions in Spanish.

For the community visits the group were able to go and visit a few families we had meet earlier and check on them and bring more supplies. We were also able to unexpectedly minister to a new family, with a baby that was having troubles feeding. The team was able to help the mother and introduce the family to Pastor Esdras so he can follow up with them.

Now to rest up for an early day tomorrow that promises to be busy!