Today was another very full day in Guatemala!

We attended church at Nueva Vida where the pastor preached about how God uses imperfect people.  He concluded his sermon with three main points that came alive in our activities of the day!

Point #1 – No matter what problems you are experiencing keep walking with God!

We visited the clinic property and surveyed the progress of the building.  Even among the frustrations of delays, missed deadlines, and changing schedules, God continues to be faithful in the creation of this sacred haven to heal his people and fulfill lifelong dreams.  Amidst rainbows and volcanos we continue to walk with Him and trust in His faithfulness!

Point #2 – Serve the Kingdom with your gifts and talents!

We drove to Santa Maria de Jesus to work with Brennan and her ministry outreach called Cosechando Felicidad (Harvesting Happiness) to elderly people living on their own with very little access to help and to food.  We visited a few of her people and brought them food.  I was so moved with Brennan’s story and her heart and joy to serve these people.  She truly uses her gifts and talents to serve the Kingdom!

Point #3 – Keep Jesus as the center of your life!

As we close tonight, we look forward to continuing the work in the medical outreach the next couple of days!  What a blessing and a privilege it is to be able to serve Jesus and to serve the Kingdom here in Guatemala.  Jesus at the center of it all…from beginning to the end…it will always be…it’s always been You Jesus!

-Mary Jane