Hi, my name Is Addison and I have enjoyed this trip very much, I am learning so much! I am here for my second time. I do not really remember much from my first time but this time everything seems to be more organized, and we are located on the most beautiful property. There is a soccer field and playground that I can play on with the kids, it is so great to have these resources around us. Today we played cops and robbers for two hours straight, these kids have so much energy it amazes me. Being here makes me feel so grateful for everything I have at home and has opened my eyes, making me realize everyone is living a totally different life every day around the world. I am so excited to keep meeting new people and exploring new places. I want to keep growing a stronger relationship with Christ and be the best person I can be!

As the mother and daughter for this trip, I also get to write the blog with Addy.  My name is Amy and am one of the nurses on the trip.  I met Jenni at Primary Children’s Hospital many years ago and quickly learned her passion for the Lord and caring for others.  As many of you know, her passion is contagious… as I think this is my 10th Guatemala medical mission with Healing Nations.  I am grateful to get to experience the trip with Addy a second time, where she is seeing the country again through more mature eyes.

While each trip has the same purpose and always the hand of God, the team dynamics are a learning process (both in country team and the traveling team).  I can honestly say our whole team this trip has quickly grown together in heart and hand to serve the Guatemalan people with everyone giving their best.  In addition to the medical clinic team, I want to call out the in-country teams that continually give every day.  These individuals are incredible and truly the hand of God.  Your hard work and continue effort is noticed and appreciated.  Thank you.