It has been great being back in Guatemala for another year.  It started out rainy, but the week has ended with the beautiful Guatemalan weather which why it is the country of eternal spring.  I once again am struck by the importance of community and the relationships that are made.

Sometimes it can be tough.  At the first medical outreach conducted by Healing Nations (Hungry For Life as it was called back in the day) 8 years ago (plus or minus a year) we met a patient who was very sick with an infection and poorly controlled diabetes.  We have seen her at every outreach since that time.  This year she was so weak she was unable to make it to see us so we did a home visit.  These home visits are humbling and always eye-opening to see the difference in living conditions.  She had recently been discharged from the hospital after an 8-day stay.  She was told she had suffered from a stroke, but also had a bad cough and abdominal pain.  They recommended many medications she could not afford.  In addition, they recommended lab work and imaging that was never conducted in the hospital, once again because she could not afford it.  I had seen her at the first visit and she looked even sicker at this time.  While we had no quick fix for her you could tell she was happy to see us.   Many times prayer and relationship are the most important things we provide from the Jornada (Outreach).

Reconnecting with those here in Guatemala is what this Jornada is about.  The patients who we have seen from the first year to those that are new.  The translators, local missionaries who help make this take place.  Those who live here and provide continuity to the patients are a blessing.  They have a servant’s heart and are wonderful examples of Christ’s character.  Peace be with you.

With that said we will keep it short and sweet since we are leaving to Guatemala City tonight.  We fly out tomorrow at noon, but due to anticipated protests roads may be closed and may not make it to the airport if we stayed with the original plan (depending on traffic it is typically a 1-2 hour drive and we don’t leave until after noon).