Traveling abroad is amazing. There is so much of the world to see and experience. Most of us do it with loved ones and for the purpose of vacation and too have fun, but not many get to experience the power of a mission trip. Fully engaging yourself into another culture to help the community is an unforgettable journey. The church family we spend time with throughout the day has had more impact on us then we do on them. It seizes to amaze me how much love they have for each other and for us. From the children to the elders they greet us everyday with huge warm hugs and a giant smile.

Today we had an opportunity to help paint some of the classrooms at the church campus and also down at the public school. It was amazing to see all the kids in uniform and how respectful they are and willingness to learn and grow. The Children here in Honduras are on a split schedule. The ones that attend school in the morning then attend church in the afternoons and the ones that attend the church class in the morning go to the afternoon session of school. So they get an education and learn about Jesus every day. As a sponsor to some of the children its great to see that they are being provided uniforms, education and food each day. Some of us ran a VBS (vacation bible school) full of learning, crafts and games. It is so great to watch the children’s faces light up as we engage with them all day long. We will be attending the wedding of 4 couples tomorrow and had an opportunity to set up the ceremony grounds. It was amazing to see the entire community come together to help each other out. It seems as if nobody puts themselves before the greater good of the church community which is such a God honoring way to live life. It is such a blessing to bless others.

We travel about 20 minutes each day on paved roads and then take the bus off road for another 20 minutes each way. Always a fun journey full of bumps (long dirt road) and laughs (great conversation and stories) along the way. On our journey home we had some interesting experiences. Long traffic lines due to an accident where cars, buses and motorcycles decide to battle it out to see who can get thru and around each other the fastest. We also had a mission day first with an emergency stop. We have stopped before for a quick pee break but this was taking it up a notch. The END….