While the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus continues to impact the daily lives of nearly everyone across the globe, many Healing Nations partners are seeking ways to continue caring for the poor and the vulnerable within their communities. Healing Nations is partnering with them to help provide for their efforts.

100% of the donated funds through this campaign will go towards the specific ministry efforts detailed below. Please pray and consider if God might be leading you to help care for our global neighbors during this time of unprecedented need.


Shortly after the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Guatemala, all schools, churches, restaurants, malls and any other non-essential businesses were closed. Public transportation was banned and modified hours for banks, grocery stores and markets were implemented. A mandatory curfew from 4pm until 4am was put in place and wearing a mask in public became a part of life. The two Source of Hope schools have been closed and most of the families whose children attend have been out of work due to the increased restrictions. These families live day to day and do not have bank accounts or extra money saved in case of emergency.

Iglesia Galilea is putting together food packages with basics for the families at both schools as well as other struggling families within the different communities where they serve. More than two hundred families are on their list with each receiving the following – beans, rice, corn flour and other essential items. 100% of the funds they receive will be used to provide for these families until they are able to return to previous jobs or find new employment.

To support them in these efforts, click here and choose the Guatemala Food Bags option under the COVID-19 Help heading.


Beginning on March 17, the government of Honduras implemented a strict curfew across parts of Honduras, including San Pedro Sula, to limit the spread of COVID-19. The curfew was announced as only lasting a week but has been extended every week since then and includes the closure of public transportation, travel restrictions that do not allow more than 2 people per vehicle, the closure of all businesses considered non-essential and limited hours of operation for grocery stores, gas stations and banks. There is a system in place that allows families to leave their homes one day per week to purchase goods and gather supplies based on the corresponding number their license ends in. However, with the closure of all public transportation and many people being without work, providing for the needs of your family has become dire and difficult for many.

Cristo Centro Peñasquitos has been using donated funds to purchase food and hygiene items for many of the families within the community of Nueva Florida. These are families who already struggled to provide for their families. The supplies are purchased using the funds donated and delivered to the families at their homes or collected from the church. All of the money donated is used to provide for these struggling families.

To donate to these efforts, click here and choose the Nueva Florida Relief option under the COVID-19 Help heading.


The lock down across Honduras to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has meant that many who were already struggling are facing even more serious hardships. While these precautions may seem extreme, it is important to remember that Honduras’s healthcare system is not poised to handle a massive outbreak of any kind. Any large influx of sick people seeking care could potentially cripple an already struggling system. Masks are now mandatory to wear when in public in order to help curb the spread.

Jericho Ministries has begun sewing face masks to bless people who otherwise may not have easy access to one. This will allow families to visit local markets and grocery stores to purchase food and supplies without the risk of spreading the virus or incurring serious repercussions from the police. They are also looking into how to help supply the local hospitals with face masks. They are also delivering to several families who live near the dump, a group they regularly minister to. Donations to Jericho will allow them to purchase more materials to make face masks and equip more people with what has quickly become a necessity to normal life in Honduras.

To contribute to these efforts, click here and choose the Jericho Ministries Relief option under the COVID-19 Help heading.


COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Haiti. The news is full of warnings to people, however compliance is difficult. Some defy isolation orders out of negligence but many out of necessity. Many people are scared of contracting the virus but also scared of going hungry. Haiti’s national and department borders are closed and food sources are decreasing while restrictions are increasing.

UCI is working to distribute food to families in need. So far they’ve delivered food to over 400 families in 10 different communities during the lock down. They are also working to minister to those in need by calling, texting and writing letters/sermons that can be read at home. Donations given towards UCI’s efforts will be used to continue providing food and other necessities to struggling families across the interior of Haiti.

To help them in these efforts, click here and choose the UCI Relief option under the COVID-19 heading.

In Cuba, the current situation is described as panic and confusion. There is a general sense of awareness of a lack of hygiene items and other resources. When there is news of a store being restocked with essential items, people often stand in line for several days to purchase what they need. There is fear that because of these shortages and panic, if the virus begins to spread it will be highly difficult to control. Because all imports into the country have been canceled, the island nation is struggling to support the needs of its people.

Our partner is working to mobilize the church to minister to those in need at this time. Many are connecting electronically with those who are struggling within the community and they are seeing a uniting of the church in this effort. Other efforts are being made to feed the hungry by cooking and sharing meals as well as other necessary items as they become available. Any contributions given towards these efforts will go towards providing meals, transportation to medical facilities and providing for those with the greatest need.

To contribute to these efforts, click here and choose the Cuba Relief option under the COVID-19 heading.

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