Wow, what a busy day! We saw close to 150 people at the first community clinic day! There was a long line when the bus arrived and we heard that the first person got there at 1 AM to get in line for clinic. It is humbling to think that this clinic plays such an important role in the health of this community. The clinic is working so well together, like a well-oiled machine! Our translators are amazing, and everyone gets along well. We ended clinic quite late, finishing appointments, filling prescriptions, and even operating on an ingrown toe nail in the dark with only flashlights. It was a great day! Here are a few thoughts from some of kids on our team who haven’t shared yet:

From Drew: Today I liked playing soccer with a kid at the clinic. I taught him how to kick a soccer ball!

From JayJay: I also loved playing soccer with all the kids today.

From Elin: My mom and dad have told me about a sweet little old lady Berta. Today I got to meet her at the clinic. I thought she was so sweet and friendly. I liked to give her big hugs. I also got to play with a girl that was waiting to go to the dentist. I let her play on an ipad. It was fun watching her play the games. She looked like she was having a good time. I also got to go on a community visit. It was cool that the team was helping the people. I thought it was cool to see the way God is helping people.

From Chesnie: Today I liked to play with the kids and make new friends. It was kind of chaos! There were lots of kids today. I liked how in case anybody needed something, they would come to ask me because I was the nearest person. I liked meeting some friends of my mom’s that she’s made over the past couple of times she’s come. I went on a home visit today and it was interesting. There was one girl who had rolled her ankle twice and she is limping. She has a son who is disabled and has Down Syndrome. She also had a cute little baby they thought was sick, but he ended up being fine! I liked going to church yesterday because it was something different and I liked seeing how people find different ways of worshipping or communicating with God. I also listen to Jenni every time she tells me to close my mouth in the shower and not touch the dogs and wear shoes in the shower! I’ve met some nice people on this trip.