From Juanita:

Second full day in clinic has been completed. It ended with a great game of soccer with several team members and volunteers from the community. For someone who does not like soccer, it was entertaining and a stress reliever for the end of the day.

This is my first trip to Guatemala and doing a medical mission’s trip and to say the least I am being blessed. I was nervous prior to coming here as I did not know what to expect and was told several times, “It will be fine” and “You are going to love it”. You were right. I am most impressed with the organization of this team. This includes the registration of the patient, to vital signs, to the interpreter’s that help the provider team, to the dental clinic (isn’t that amazing), to the pharmacy, to the procedure room and to the check out. You guys all ROCK!

The families that are being seen are so patient, waiting several hours to have all the services provided. They are joyful and understand the limitations of the things the providers can do. They are thankful and will give hugs and kisses before and after their visit. Today, we did an ultrasound on woman who is 8 months pregnant and she heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. She had a smile that was beaming, and we were all crying.

God is the planner of all things and His plan is perfect for me in taking this mission’s trip. Thanks everyone back home for your support and taking care of Aspen and Maggie.

PS There is also a massage therapist from the local team that is part of the clinic. SHHH, don’t tell the team leaders but I have had a massage each morning before clinic, she is wonderful, but more importantly as she laid her hands on me, she prayed for me. What an awesome way to start clinic. Also, it has been so delightful to order massages for these hard-working people of Guatemala. When asked if they would like a massage, their faces lighted up in agreement. God is good.

From Dana and Shannon:

What a wonderful team we have! The team works so well together, the clinic flow is going great, and the kids are a wonderful addition to our team. Rachelle and Emma were so helpful and input patient data when triage was slow, the team happily saw two families that came after hours, and the home/community visit was fruitful. (AND, if you can believe it, dental was done EARLY!).

Our team is so thankful to the donors who made the purchase of the ultrasound machine possible. It has been used 5 times already! God is good! We are hoping word gets out to the community so it can be used even more to diagnose and provide good information for our physicians.

Thank you for following along, we will read the comments Saturday night!