Hello to all of the people following the Guatemala team! It’s the Laura/Randy/Zac blog night. I’m the newbie among the three of our family here. My brother, Randy, and his son, Zac, have been here numerous times. My first reason to come on the trip was to be with my bro and awesome nephew. The other was to do a medical mission, to serve others that desperately need medical attention. As the Diabetes Educator, I am playing the role of “food police” as I tell the Guatemalans …no more sugary drinks, and less pan (bread) and tortillas. Of course, we Americans have just returned from the grocery store with a load of Colas and sugary treats. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to come on this trip serving the very thankful Guatemala people with these truly beautiful people!  Laura

From Zac…he says it’s his third wonderful medical mission trip to Guatemala. The second official day was great. We played tag or “etiqueta” in Spanish per google. And they loved filters on snapchat. The kids loved beads that they make into bracelets. After lunch Zac got to work with dentist Dan helping do over 2-3 teeth extractions. Everything was fun in dental until the kids cried. I saw my Dad in his healing mode. I am glad that the Lord directed us here to help people in need.  I know that this happened yesterday, but it was so cute before I went to the home visit, but I think his name was Jeffrey, one of the kids,who ran up and gave me a hug. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings us.

Another trip to serve the beautiful people of Guatemala. The people here are so gracious. I’ve come here several
times to where I now feel I am developing multiple relationships with the people we serve, which is so cool. One of the greatest aspects of these trips is the commitment of the group to serve and the love shared between us. In conclusion, I feel as though I receive much more from the people of Guatemala than I come close to giving. I thank God for giving me this opportunity. Randy