From Samantha:

Today was the first day of the clinic and my first time here in Guatemala serving as a nurse. I came here back in 2016 on a service trip and got to help build the school where we run the clinic out of. It was so awesome to see the finished project that took many years, missionaries, and people to help build, and to now see it in a different capacity, being used as a clinic. It was so awesome to reconnect with friends I made back then that still remember me and ask me about my life. Those are the type of people we get to serve with in Guatemala.

This morning before the clinic in our devotion Corey asked us to ask God what we want from Him this week. I asked that God would use me to be a light through the gifts he has given me. I never saw myself becoming a nurse but this is the path God lead me and today I felt right in my element. This is why I became a nurse. I still feel inadequate at times, but looking around at all the people waiting in line I am reminded that this isn’t about me, it is about Him and them. This being my first clinic I was very nervous when setting up and for how things would go. And it went better than I expected! The hardest part has been wearing masks and missing out on seeing their beautiful smiles. Each one was so appreciative of our care. Our translators with us are so amazing and helpful. I just love meeting, connecting with, and serving alongside the people of Iglesia Gallilea. I loved being able to sit by my best friend Kellie all day as well. It was so encouraging and inspiring to see the way she interacted with the patients. I am very impressed with the way this clinic is run and the system that has been created by Jenni, Corey, Shawnda and the whole Healing Nations staff.

I am looking forward to the rest of this week and watching what God will do!