From Rachelle:

Hi friends! Today is Sunday, we had a lovely church service this morning that was translated for us so we could understand. This afternoon we had a small clinic day where we specifically took care of the pastors of the church and their families, as well as our translators and others that have helped us this week.

Since you can’t see me crying through the screen, I’m going to share a story. Last year I went to Guatemala with a church team and part of what we did on that team was home visits to some of the kids our church sponsors. The first house we went to was rusty sheet metal held up with tree branches, there was no running water, and one lightbulb over the bed where the parents and their many children slept. When we walked in the mom walked over to me and handed me a bulky bundle with a tiny baby in it, I could barely even feel his weight in my arms. He was clearly sick, jaundiced and barely moving. Through the translator we found out he had been born just a week or so earlier and was just three pounds when he was born. I went home to Utah and cried and prayed and cried some more, I’ve seen bigger babies in the NICU fight to survive and he barely had food or shelter let alone medical care. I thought I would never see him again. Day one of clinic I saw his sister, I held my breath as I looked around at the other siblings, and sure enough, snuggled up to his mom, is this darling, fat, happy one year old. Of course, I had to hold him and of course I’ve cried every time I’ve even thought of it since.

I hope you all back home are doing well, I love you all lots.

Hugs and kisses,

From Abby:

Today was my third time spending a Sunday in Guatemala, and honestly Sundays always end up being my favorite day of the trip. Primarily because of church. I have yet to participate in something that feels closer to what I imagine heaven to be. Though we walk into a building with people that we have very little in common with, we all are welcomed into the presence of God as the same; sons and daughters of Christ. Regardless of the language, culture, or region, it is the same Jesus. I can’t get over how amazing that is! I also love hearing familiar worship songs and attempting (unsuccessfully) to sing along in Spanish. Sunday is also a special day for clinic because it is specifically for everyone who hosts and serves us while we are here. I love being able to say at least a little ‘thank you’ by taking some blood pressures and educating on medications. So yeah, Sunday is a special day and absolutely gives me a little extra energy that I’m sure will be used up VERY quickly within the next two days.

From Shawnda:

We have a choice to be different.  This was something that has stuck with me today.  It would be easy to stay home or go spend my time and money on a fancy vacation but then I wouldn’t be different.  Different isn’t easy.  As I think back on this week there have been many difficulties but this team has made a difference.  We have shown people who are hopeless that we care.   Maybe we haven’t been able to fix all of their problems but we still made an impact.  Sometimes it feels like we really aren’t doing much but for these people we have done a lot.  We have smiled and shown love.  We have laughed and we have cried, both with the people we serve and with each other.  I’m glad to have been given the chance to be different.