Post by Robyn

I’m blessed to share a room with five amazing women.  I’ve watched them for two days now and marveled at who they become in their element.  These women are smart, gifted, and their talents know no bounds.  They are nurses and doctors and the impact they have on the people in Guatemala in just a few short minutes is immeasurable.  They move from room to room, completely oblivious to the capes that bellow behind them as they use their super powers to change these family’s lives for the better. I am completely in awe.

It’s not hard to question my impact as I watch these women in action. I’m not highly educated. I have no title.  I’m just a mom who came to do crafts with these kids as they wait to see the real people they came for.

But then I was able to accompany some of these ladies on a home visit to see a few kids who are unable to make it to the clinic.  Their young father suffered a stroke, followed by a motorcycle accident which left him blind and bedridden. His wife now supports the family, working from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and then comes home to tend to her husband.  Their three small children needed medical and dental attention, but are far too young to get to the clinic by themselves.  I went to bring them some of the crafts that they missed out on, and when they had completed their medical and dental exam, I called them over to me.  There were wooden crosses to color on with markers, and pipe cleaners to thread through beads to make bracelets.  The kids were so happy when they realized that the treasures I brought were for them to make AND to keep, and invited their cousins in to participate as well. They decorated the crosses, and then showed them to me with pride.  We used the beads to practice saying the colors (thank you, Dora the Explorer for teaching me), and they made sure that everyone got some of all that was brought.  They were so happy, and I felt the pure joy that came in just a small distraction from their huge challenges.  It was incredibly moving.

I know that I’m not able to extract a tooth, or fill a cavity; but I can give the kids something fun to do to help with their nervousness before that happens.  I can’t alleviate these kiddos’ belly pain or skin infections, but I can rub a cheek and give a sincere hug and hopefully some comfort.  I can’t stop their family’s trials or save them from their challenges, but I can storm the heavens with my prayers to a God who can.

God has blessed each of us with all we need to help, even if we don’t recognize it right away. It’s there, just as He is.  No gift is too small, and not one of us is unimportant when trying to do His will and make a difference. Even if she’s just a mom who came to do the crafts.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s the little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Desmond Tutu

Post by Corey

Today we had a much needed day off and went into the beautiful town of Antigua for a day of shopping and ziplining.  Part of the team (the adrenaline junkies) went up the mountain for an adventure on the zip line while the others embarked on some souvenir shopping.  All of us had a great time together and continued to bond as a team.  It has been such a privilege to work alongside each person and I have loved watching each person use their God given gifts to serve the beautiful people of Guatemala.  God has truly answered all of our prayers and has unified us as a team.  Thank you for praying for us!