God Invites Service


This post by Mandy Now it's my time to write the blog. To wrap up our stay with our Honduran family, to share a glimpse of my feelings with you, and to, hopefully, write something inspirational to make you desire redemption for these people like we do... So here we go, here starts Amanda's

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This post by Mickey I told my mom a million times I wasn't gonna go on this trip. I argued and argued and argued. I was 99% sure I was not going. But a couple months before leaving I felt something that pushed me to say yes. I still had doubts, I tiptoed the


God’s advocate


God’s Advocate Written by Abi Today was a day full of surprises. Every day that we are here we are reminded to be flexible which I find exciting but sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do. The day started off with breakfast, a meeting, and a bus ride ,which is typical,

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From Morgan: Dios Lo Bendiga!! Today part of our group broke off to do home visits with some of the elderly that aren’t sponsored yet. all of us jumped in the bed of Pastor Mario’s truck, which is common for the locals here but not for us haha we even had to bail out


Blessed to be a Blessing


From Marina: Family and Friends…For such a time as this. The Story of Esther emphasises the power of God, instructing us we should use the blessings given by God to help others. Also, the moral of the Story of Esther, for children, is to always do the right thing, using the influence you possess

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The team has landed!


The team has landed! After a long day of travel, they are headed to their lodging! A team picture will be posted tomorrow, check back for updates about their first day of ministry. Thank you for praying! Back to Team Page

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