Until we meet again.


The day you never want to come. Today was that day, it was the day that no one wants to tell you about when they recruit you for a Mission trip. It was the day that we said “see you later” to our family in Honduras. Before we get to that, there is so

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You can’t make this stuff up…..


Day 5 and 6 Day 5 started with a long bus ride to the village of Aldea Nueva where pastor Mario and his church have gotten involved to help minister to the people.  The bus ride was supposed to take approximately three hours but due to a few of our crew having a light

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No Internet Service


Last night the team was without internet service so no blog post. Please continue to pray for them and share your encouraging comments! Back to Team Page

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Bautismo in the Rio


When you are on a trip like this you quickly learn some important things: 1. God is real and active in every part of the world. 2. God is love and calls us to be His love to others. 3. You can’t make this stuff up. We learned these points in large ways today.

Bautismo in the Rio2020-03-02T18:29:13-06:00

Going to a Wedding……and I’m going to get Married………


Today was the most amazing day!!!! We started the day off running around Honduras preparing for four weddings. We went to a store that was like a Zurcher's, and then went to a store that was like Costco (it was owned by Costco) to get all of the decorations and supplies for the Weddings.

Going to a Wedding……and I’m going to get Married………2020-03-01T13:13:49-06:00

Day 2: VBS and Wedding Prep


Traveling abroad is amazing. There is so much of the world to see and experience. Most of us do it with loved ones and for the purpose of vacation and too have fun, but not many get to experience the power of a mission trip. Fully engaging yourself into another culture to help the

Day 2: VBS and Wedding Prep2020-02-29T04:04:43-06:00

Ready to Travel!


In a little over two weeks, this team (and a few others not pictured) will travel to Honduras to work alongside Cristo Centro Peñasquitos in serving their community. Please pray for this team as they prepare for their trip. Keep checking the blog for updates during the teams stay and be sure to leave

Ready to Travel!2020-02-10T19:01:09-06:00
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