Last Day in Honduras


Today was the team's last day in Honduras. While it's sad to have to say goodbye, we are excited to come home and see loved ones. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. Without you, we couldn't have made this trip a possibility!

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Goodbye’s in Nueva Florida


This post by Melissa Today was the day I intentionally didn’t plan for. The day I didn’t think about until it came. When Pastor Shane called out “20 minutes to say our goodbye’s” it hit me, a shock to my system. Our last moments with the whole community of Nueva Florida, my new extended

Goodbye’s in Nueva Florida2019-02-23T05:41:30-06:00

Goodbye’s are Coming


This post by Shane Tomorrow we will say goodbye. It will be a difficult day for everyone filled with tears and full hearts.  But that is a story for tomorrow. Today was a pretty typical day in the life of a mission trip to Peñasquitos.  There was some work on a home and we

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The Physical Labor Begins!


This post by Dylan Today was the first day of actual labor. Or at least that’s what we thought. The main event of the day was the start of us helping to build a house for one of the many wonderful women of the community. I have been looking forward to this day, because

The Physical Labor Begins!2019-02-22T04:22:45-06:00

Food Deliveries & Soccer


Today was a very long day for the team. First they purchased and organized food that was later delivered to several families within the community. Afterwards it was time to play soccer with children from the neighborhood. Thank you for your prayers and support. Remember to leave comments so we can read them aloud

Food Deliveries & Soccer2019-02-22T04:25:42-06:00

Dios te Bendiga


This post by Rachel Today was a day of vision, to see Pastor Mario and Pastora’s passion for what comes next laid out before us. Although many details have not been worked out, the vision for the people and next generation gives goose bumps to my soul. Giving Pastor Mario hope for what’s to

Dios te Bendiga2019-02-22T04:26:52-06:00

Money May Buy You Happiness But Joy is Free and Plentiful Here in Honduras


This post by Zack To be happy is a current state of emotion. One can be happy one minute and sad the next. However, joy in someone will always prevail no matter what the current emotion is. The town of Nueva Florida is full of joy. From the moment we show up each day

Money May Buy You Happiness But Joy is Free and Plentiful Here in Honduras2019-02-19T04:56:32-06:00

Wedding Day!


This post by Ali Today is the day I have been looking forward to ever since I heard it was happening. Wedding day. It was every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. We were able to witness 3 couples get married that otherwise would not have been able to. The people

Wedding Day!2019-02-19T04:57:22-06:00

No Palabras


This post by Tonya No palabras….no words that’s how I feel when I go to explain this experience to anyone who asks. Here I go and try anyway. As you drive through town and wonder how there aren’t car accidents every 100 ft. You can see the poverty and the conditions that are lived

No Palabras2019-02-16T03:49:03-06:00
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