Final Outreach Day!


From Jacob: Hello everyone on the World Wide Web!  Today was Day 5 of outreach and we had the opportunity to deliver a brand-new mattress and box spring to Sabino’s house because we noticed his bed needed to be replaced when we finished his roof on Saturday.  Sabino loved his bed so much he

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Outreach Day 4


From Shawnda: Day 4 is in the books.  This week has been amazing!  I love getting to know the new team members and seeing the families that we have worked with for the last several years.  Every trip brings new challenges and new rewards.  Today we worked a little shorthanded due to illness.  It

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Day 4 – Exploring Antigua


From Andre: As is the norm it has been a busy trip.  Travel all day on Wednesday, long clinic days (leave around 7:15 am and get home around 8 pm) Thursday – Saturday.  So, I was looking forward to a restful Sabbath on Sunday.  That was until multiple members of the team got sick

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Open hands, open hearts: Day 3


From Claire: Day three working in Guatemala was definitely one I will never forget! As we continued to work and improve Sabino’s house, we cleared out almost all of the spider nests. It was pretty terrifying as they tried to escape our stomping feet. But working on Sabino’s house made me think about how

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Day 2: Compassion and Care


Tonight, it's Mother-Daughter night on the blog! Anna is our optometrist and served in the medical outreach today and Clara, her daughter, spent the morning repairing the roof of a man who has been coming to the outreach for years! From Clara: The second day of working in Guatemala was a very memorable one!

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Medical Outreach Day One!


From Jordyn: Today was an exciting day! It was the first day we got to actually work and open the outreach center. I worked triage and got to meet many people from around the area. The language barrier was hard, but throughout the day it became easier to pick up on certain words and

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Counting down!


Check back here for updates for our medical team heading to Guatemala this week! Back to Team Page

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