Gratitude All Around


Wow, it was a busy day, we saw over a 170 patients. It was hopping, everywhere, Dental was cranking them through, we probably helped a few dozen people improve their vision with some glasses, and  of course we filled hundreds of meds. Pharmacy was “ all hands on deck” as Jenni says. We were

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Sunday in Guatemala


Dan Today’s blog post is from our whole family.  All four of us are on this trip.  You’ll get to see the day from 4 different perspectives. We promise we wont read each others’ entries until they are posted. This is Dan’s (dad’s) view of the day.  The day started with church at our

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God Hears Our Prayers


Friday started with a HUGE spider crawling up our wall. I am talking HUGE! The kind of spider that you think you can kill from a distance, but the closer you get the bigger it gets and the hairier it looks. We still have spider legs sprinkled on the floor because they were that

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First Day of Clinic


Today was definitely life changing for me. It’s not like I have never served before, or been out of the country before or seen people going through hard times, but what will stay for me forever is the attitudes that these people choose to have. If we were in america, you probably wouldn’t see

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The team has landed!


The team has landed safely in Guatemala and all the clinic supplies made it through customs. Praise the Lord! Check back tomorrow night for an update from the team about the first day of clinic! Don't forget to leave comments for the team to read in their evening meetings together!  

The team has landed!2019-01-24T04:29:11-06:00
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