Day 6- Wrapping up a beautiful week


It has been great being back in Guatemala for another year.  It started out rainy, but the week has ended with the beautiful Guatemalan weather which why it is the country of eternal spring.  I once again am struck by the importance of community and the relationships that are made. Sometimes it can be

Day 6- Wrapping up a beautiful week2024-06-26T08:45:46-06:00

Day Five- Gratitude


Hi, my name Is Addison and I have enjoyed this trip very much, I am learning so much! I am here for my second time. I do not really remember much from my first time but this time everything seems to be more organized, and we are located on the most beautiful property. There

Day Five- Gratitude2024-06-24T21:25:38-06:00

Day Four- Harvesting Happiness and Hope!


Today was another very full day in Guatemala! We attended church at Nueva Vida where the pastor preached about how God uses imperfect people.  He concluded his sermon with three main points that came alive in our activities of the day! Point #1 – No matter what problems you are experiencing keep walking with

Day Four- Harvesting Happiness and Hope!2024-06-24T09:14:41-06:00

Day Two- Team Leader Edition


Well, you know it's been a long day when all you get is the team leader willing to write the blog post! I know I won't be nearly as eloquent as Erin, but I'm going to try to give a great snapshot of the day! I was told just to write "We worked, we

Day Two- Team Leader Edition2024-06-21T23:14:20-06:00

Day One- Light in the Dark


“my mind it longs for thee, my soul, it knows what it needs that your spirit would move in me that your presence would bonded be, I’ve encountered the spirit, felt the love of the Father, found my life in the Savior, and it changed me forever. I’ve encountered the goodness, felt the truth

Day One- Light in the Dark2024-06-20T21:12:45-06:00
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