Saying Goodbye


Sunday The last day with my group “family”. So this is our last day/night with each other and it is going by faster than I would like it to go. We started by waking up an hour later than normal and it was hard for me to sleep in that long. I sat in

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Last Day


Saturday… What a week we’ve had! Leaving UCI is always hard, but this trip we left in a very special way. Earlier in the week during one of our deep conversations at night, Janet & Mike decided they wanted to get baptized. Haiti holds a special place in their hearts and what better way

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Goats, goats and more goats


By: Kobe Doman Today we went to John John’s house and had bananas and French toast for breakfast! When we where done we got one goat and gave it to a family. Then we went back to get Chocolate and Gorge (the goats) to give to two other families. We had to get the

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Did You Know….


Today was a school day.  We brought Playdoh with cookie cutters and string shapes to play with the kids.  We made stuff that they probably didn’t know existed like a snowman.  We saw the puppet show again.  Next, we helped with recess.  Some people ran, some chased, some walked around with 5 or more

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Reconnecting & Blowing Kisses


Today was a pretty busy day. After breakfast (Haitian pancakes) we loaded up and headed for the job site. The guys in the group each took 3 loads of 80lbs. bags of cement about 150 yards to the house. Then a motorcycle magically appears and hauls the rest of the cement to the house.

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After two relatively quiet days we all woke up ready to SERVE!! And what a better way to kick off the day than a devotional with the UCI Elementary students. We were able to bless them with an outdoor speaker so the all the students could hear. UCI is definitely raising up a generation


Thriving And Healthy


We started our Sunday with an amazing church service! What an experience! The passion in the children worshipping was awe inspiring! The church service is like no other. The way they worship and how the Holy Spirit fills the room is indescribable! We all left with with our cups filled and ready to serve!

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First Full Day


First, we got up and had breakfast in Port Au Prince.  Then, we took the long anticipated 4 hour drive (I slept for 3 of them).  The people that have been here before were amazed at how smooth and improved the road was.  I was just glad it wasn’t a 6 hour drive.  When

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Weekend shots…


Due to internet issues, the team hasn't been able to get blog posts up the last two days, but here are some pictures...

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