The post by Bella

1 Peter 5:7

Hola! Wow, this whole week has gone by fast. Before I came here I was super nervous. I mean, I just felt like I would mess everything up. I was at the point where I didn’t want to go anymore I was so nervous. And at the airport I got some feelings that I might not be going when some stuff got messed up with the tickets. But at that point, I felt God just telling me, “you have no authority whether you go or stay. You’re thinking that it’s all up to you but no, you go when I tell you to go.” And I mean, let’s be honest. I have always wanted to go, and when I thought I might not be able to, I got really scared. As soon as I saw my family and friends to get on the plane to Honduras, I forgot all about those nagging thoughts telling me that it was going to be horrible.

Today was a busy day! We jumped onto the bus around 9ish. I always like the bus because I always feel like I can decompress on it (and I just like car rides). But along the way we stopped at a coffee place and met up with a few of the people from the church. Then off we went to the church! They had already set up a lot but we were able to help set some more stuff up for the weddings that were planned today! For me, I have never experienced a Honduran wedding so I was excited. They don’t have much, but boy do they use up what they have. They made every decoration in every place look like it was from a magazine. The kids are always so excited to be around us and love to play. They just make every day more important.

The weddings started at around 4. It was very different from a wedding in the US. We started off by singing songs, then by having the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced down the aisle. While we are used to them walking down the aisle. It was very cool to see it. Once everyone walked down the aisle and the brides and grooms came down (2 couples were getting married today), it was just the sweetest thing. After the wedding was over they served us an amazing dinner. Then the reception hit and it is always so much fun to play and be around the kids. For me, the sweetest time of the day is when we say goodbye. Some of the kids walk down the steep hill with us, half of the kids carrying our things because they want to. Then once we get on the bus I always receive a flower of some sort. Waving goodbye makes me just want to be able to come back every day all the time.

Before I had all these nagging thoughts telling me I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t worth it, and would mess up. But just think, if I would have given in to those thoughts, I wouldn’t have ANY of the experiences I’m having now.

Thank you :)