The morning greeted us with clear skies and cool breezes.  This refreshment was needed for the busy day of ministry.  We have been so thankful for the cooks that have taken good care of us and this morning we had oatmeal, toast, papaya fruit and Haitian coffee.  We also said farewell to the team from Iowa that was serving here with us.  The team was delayed in their departure because of the nationwide protests, but Missionary Aviation Fellowship was able to accommodate transporting them back to the States.

In the morning the majority of the team had another opportunity to help with the pouring of a concrete floor for a family.  JeanJean and Kristie shared with the team the impact providing these floors has on the health of the community, especially the children.  Pastor Brad stayed back to teach around 25 local pastors on the Basics of Biblical Counseling.  The pastors were extremely thankful for the training and they said it was the first time anyone has ever taught them that specific subject.  When we came together for lunch, everyone was very tired, but thankful for the rice, bean porridge, and fried crispy things which acted as a crunchy topping.

In the afternoon, many of us served at the school, teaching kids English words and showing them the love of Jesus.  Pastor Brad and Bill McKeever went on a little adventure while going to procure some coconuts to eat.  It was their impression that they may be headed to a market, but they were sorely mistaken.  The pastor leading them took them on a multi-mile walk about which included the pastor insisting to carry both Bill and Brad across a small stream.  They both said that was a first for them.  Despite the intense humiliation, they arrived back at UCI victoriously with 24 coconuts and the pictures to document the journey.

Before dinner, the team went on a prayer walk.  A prayer walk is a time to go through the community and introduce ourselves.  It is amazing how the Haitians are so willing to share prayer requests with us.  Every person took turns praying for the families before we passed out food from UCI’s food depot.  People were so thankful for everything they received.

Dinner was spaghetti, sauce, sliced avocado, carrots, and a bread with a hint of garlic.  All were ready to eat because of a hard day of ministry and because we moved from one dorm to another to save generator time.  With plates cleaned, we headed to the porch for the evening worship, devotional and prayer time.  God is doing many great things in the hearts of our team and we are looking forward to sharing when we come back to the states.

There are still some disturbances around the country but we are safe and have not been affected at all.  The  potential for roadblocks between us and the airport does exist but we do not anticipate problems and are trusting the Lord with this.  We are very thankful for the relationship JeanJean and Kristie have with the community.  Our plan is to leave for the airport early Saturday morning, giving us plenty of time to make our flight.

Until Tomorrow,