A Day of Rest

July 25th, 2021|Medical Mission - Guatemala July 2021|

We enjoyed a day of rest worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Iglesia Galilea and then visiting Hobbitenango near Antigua! From Vicki: “I’ve come here so many times and the reason I do is because I love the Guatemalan people. This group is smaller, but it seems more connected. I’m really enjoying being with these teammates. With the pandemic and not being able to come, even with all

Ready to Travel!

MVF - Honduras Feb 2020|

In a little over two weeks, this team (and a few others not pictured) will travel to Honduras to work alongside Cristo Centro Peñasquitos in serving their community. Please pray for this team as they prepare for their trip. Keep checking the blog for updates during the teams stay and be sure to leave plenty of encouraging comments that they'll read every night during their trip! Back to Team

Prayer is all you need!

Medical Mission - Guatemala Jan 2020|

Today was Ray and my last day of clinic, which was very bittersweet. Thinking back to one week ago when the team all met each other in Atlanta seems like a different lifetime. We all arrived as strangers, but came together as a strong team serving God and the people of Guatemala. We were happy to have had such an amazing first trip, and being the newbie travel nurses from Michigan, we were so

God is Here

Medical Mission - Guatemala Jan 2020|

This is my first experience here in Guatemala. I didn't know what to expect. What I didn't expect is the conditions the people here live in...and despite that they are a happy people. My first day I found a baby, of course. We have had long days, but they are very rewarding to be able to help these precious people. I am so impressed by our amazing team, they are all so amazing and

Praising God for all He does!

Medical Mission - Guatemala Jan 2020|

Good Sabbath evening, my heart is very full today and tears are flowing freely as we had a wonderful day of service to the beautiful Guatemalan people. Yesterday was my niece Kristen's funeral. She fought retinal blastoma for 48 years. She dedicated her life to service and sharing the light of the Lord through sharing her trials through books she has written and lecturing around the country and teaching how we can find holy

Until we see you again, God be with you

ALP - Haiti Jan 2020|

We all made it safely home.  Thank you so much for your love and support.  We have loved sharing this experience with you.  It was just a glimpse, but we hope you felt the joy in our hearts.  Any of us would love to talk about the trip in more detail and show the hundreds of pictures we took.  If you want to know more, reach out to any of us.  We want to

Happy Mayan New Year!

Medical Mission - Guatemala Jan 2020|

This was our day of rest as a team. We started out with blissful sleeping in. Breakfast was 8:30. An hour and a half later than usual! We enjoyed the wonderful food from Maria Jose together and then crammed onto the colorful bus with purple tassels decorating the interior. We climbed up a mountain to the Iximche (pronounced Ish-EEm-Chay) ruins. They are Mayan ruins from the 1400s. Apparently, the area was home to around

Clinic Day 2

Medical Mission - Guatemala Jan 2020|

Hello to all of the people following the Guatemala team! It's the Laura/Randy/Zac blog night. I'm the newbie among the three of our family here. My brother, Randy, and his son, Zac, have been here numerous times. My first reason to come on the trip was to be with my bro and awesome nephew. The other was to do a medical mission, to serve others that desperately need medical attention. As the Diabetes Educator,

Clinic Day 1

Medical Mission - Guatemala Jan 2020|

Such an amazing experience on my first day in Membrillal clinic. As a "newbie" it can be a bit overwhelming not knowing what to expect or even do at times. The support of the more seasoned staff certainly helped especially when you felt at a loss on what to do with so many things happening at one time. What I loved the most was interacting with the families who wait so patiently to be

Goats, Gardens and God

ALP - Haiti Jan 2020|

Today was a good day.  Just like all the days in the previous week.  It was a day filled with joy, happiness, laughter, smiles, and beautiful weather.  I’ve never been to a place with so much and yet so little.  The world has seemed to leave this place in the past in every way, except the most important things.  The people of Haiti’s love for God, family, and each other is infectious.  Smiles that

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