Clinic Day 5

July 26th, 2021|Medical Mission - Guatemala July 2021|

From Dana: “Today was a wonderful day at clinic! We saw 105 patients. It was a long day though, so I can’t ask anyone to write the blog and then expect them to speak to me tomorrow! So, here is my update. A girl came to the clinic who was dehydrated and because of her symptoms, we had to treat her outside. She received IV fluids, ibuprofen, and was

Telehealth Day 3- final day

Medical Mission - Guatemala July 2020 Telehealth|

Today was our final telehealth clinic day. Thank you to the many workers both in Utah and Guatemala that made this happen! Please continue to pray for the people in Guatemala and for ways we can continue to serve this community during such a difficult time. Our first post is from Donna, a nurse living in Guatemala who has worked as a translator and assistant in the past with our clinics and this month

Telehealth Clinic Day Two!

Medical Mission - Guatemala July 2020 Telehealth|

Today, our telehealth team continued to work together to see patients in Guatemala. From Shawnda, one of our faithful team members, working from Utah: "I have heard a lot, and thought it myself, 2020 is the worst.  It definitely has been a time a change.  That really goes for working with this team.  Going to Guatemala every year has been a highlight for me.  I love the country and I love working with the

Telehealth clinic day 1

Medical Mission - Guatemala July 2020 Telehealth|

A small team of doctors and nurses here are working to provide medical care through nurses, missionaries, and translators in Guatemala. Although there is nothing more than our team would like right now, we are unable to be face-to-face with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters and we are forever grateful for technology and the way God is using it to provide care for the most critical patients we see. We have seen God's provision

Until we meet again.

MVF - Honduras Feb 2020|

The day you never want to come. Today was that day, it was the day that no one wants to tell you about when they recruit you for a Mission trip. It was the day that we said “see you later” to our family in Honduras. Before we get to that, there is so much we need to cover first. This morning was a little later start than normal and as always we were

You can’t make this stuff up…..

MVF - Honduras Feb 2020|

Day 5 and 6 Day 5 started with a long bus ride to the village of Aldea Nueva where pastor Mario and his church have gotten involved to help minister to the people.  The bus ride was supposed to take approximately three hours but due to a few of our crew having a light stomach bug we made a few extra stops along the way.  I’m pretty sure we stopped no less than 9

Bautismo in the Rio

MVF - Honduras Feb 2020|

When you are on a trip like this you quickly learn some important things: 1. God is real and active in every part of the world. 2. God is love and calls us to be His love to others. 3. You can’t make this stuff up. We learned these points in large ways today. This morning began with stepping on the bus to attend a baptism with some incredible friends from His Hands for

Going to a Wedding……and I’m going to get Married………

MVF - Honduras Feb 2020|

Today was the most amazing day!!!! We started the day off running around Honduras preparing for four weddings. We went to a store that was like a Zurcher's, and then went to a store that was like Costco (it was owned by Costco) to get all of the decorations and supplies for the Weddings. We then headed up the mountain to see the community we have been so blessed by. As we got there,

Day 2: VBS and Wedding Prep

MVF - Honduras Feb 2020|

Traveling abroad is amazing. There is so much of the world to see and experience. Most of us do it with loved ones and for the purpose of vacation and too have fun, but not many get to experience the power of a mission trip. Fully engaging yourself into another culture to help the community is an unforgettable journey. The church family we spend time with throughout the day has had more impact on

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