From Marina:

Family and Friends…For such a time as this.

The Story of Esther emphasises the power of God, instructing us we should use the blessings given by God to help others. Also, the moral of the Story of Esther, for children, is to always do the right thing, using the influence you possess to help others as Esther does in the story.  I hope to not be taking this completely out of context today, but found this to be quite applicable throughout our day by both our MVF team and our Honduran family.

Upon arrival, picture a steep hill with multiple steps in 80 degrees and 99% humidity! My numbers may be a little off, not by much. BUT! At the top, awaited so many happy, loving, excited, eager men, women and children…making it already worth it.

Everyone had a job. Talented women in the kitchen literally cooking all day, serving us an amazing lunch consisting of pork chops, potatoes, rice, beans AND all the children with their VBS snack of homemade tortillas (at least 150) filled with beans and cheese. Men, that I never saw take a break, working together for hours building the baptismal. Women tending to the children…teaching, guiding, and loving. All using their God given talents to glorify Him throughout the day.

My most impactful lesson for today. You are asked a lot to take photos, almost to an uncomfortable level. After all, who are we? One request particularly stands out to me. A little boy…his mom and another lady asked me to take a photo with him, but it was clear he was not happy about it. He was crying, turning away, tucking his head into his hands etc. I thought to myself, oh please don’t force him to take a picture. “It’s ok, it’s ok”, I say to him & ask his mom if we can try later.  About an hour goes by and they ask me again.  I’m thinking to myself ok I’ll try again but I don’t think he’ll want to. Well he did and this attempt went much better. But what I didn’t know, was that his behavior earlier was not just that of a little boy annoyed by his mom to take a picture, but a little boy who was so emotionally overwhelmed by our sponsorship, that he couldn’t even bring himself to be able to process those emotions. He was so grateful, so moved, most likely not understanding why we care so much, that his emotions were uncontrollable. $35. a month changes his life…and I got to meet him 💙

Some things I learned today. The community we are in fellowship with here are referred to as “people in the hills”, “nobodys”, “trash”, “outcasts” because they refuse to follow evil and corruption. They choose God and integrity above joining the ways (drugs, illegal business transactions, shady and dishonest living) of the “higher class citizens”. The reason these “people in the hills” have retreated to the hills, is to be left alone, which they have achieved, but also have been forgotten by society.

When asked to write Day one’s blog, I thought oh goodness that’s a lot of pressure :) How long does it have to be, I asked, fearing I won’t have much to say. Turns out, I could say so. much. more. . .

So while these joyful people lack finances and all the modern technology, tools, conveniences and luxuries at our fingertips everyday, the are plentiful in courage, faith, and so. much. energy. Tomorrow we will play “futbol”, pray for us all ;)