When you are on a trip like this you quickly learn some important things: 1. God is real and active in every part of the world. 2. God is love and calls us to be His love to others. 3. You can’t make this stuff up. We learned these points in large ways today.

This morning began with stepping on the bus to attend a baptism with some incredible friends from His Hands for Honduras. I had the privilege of sitting next to Lori Hughes, the sponsorship coordinator and learned so much about how they partner with us. Many of you have sponsored a child through them or will have the opportunity very soon. What an amazing ministry they have in this part of the country. Many of the children we have met are in their program and receive meals, Bible teaching and help with school expenses. Teaming with this ministry has been a blessing to many on our team. Most everyone here sponsors a child and has gotten to meet their children and are developing precious relationships with them. I myself am so excited to begin sponsorship of a child very soon.

We rendezvoused with the members of the church getting baptized at a gas station and headed out of town to a beautiful location on a river. When we arrived those getting baptized were dressed in white (several young girls wore their white gowns from the wedding the day before) and assembled at the riverbank. Church leaders and members from our team where in the water and began by praying and praising God in song. Truly a powerful experience to witness. Praise and singing continued as people were baptized. A total of 27 were baptized this morning, including two of our own team. We were honored and humbled to watch Skye and Luke make their public profession of faith with this amazing community of believers. Congratulations to you both!

After the baptism it was time to celebrate. We travelled on to a public beach (we are not that far from the ocean) and had an afternoon of fellowship. For many of us, we can have family outings quite easily. camping, fishing, a day at the beach or any activity like that is a car drive away. For these families a day like this does not happen. They can’t afford to travel 2 hours to the beach or even bring the food. The church providing a bus and a meal can make this a very special day, and it certainly was. We got to enjoy these kids just being kids today. We were out in the ocean teaching them to swim, play keep away, and jump through waves. We were on the beach taking photos of toddlers for their parents, digging tunnels in the sand and flying kites. As I was helping dig trenches in the sand, I had a moment where I realized how much love was being shown today. Believers were showing their love of God through the act of baptism. The church community was showing love by providing families a wonderful day of celebration. We were able to show love to others by spending time and doing simple things with them. God first loved us. Deeply. And He asks us to love Him and love His people. That’s what today was all about. Loving God and His people.

As our days go by there are some things we seriously can’t make up. We can’t count to twelve as a group in Spanish. Dogs outnumber seagulls on the beach. Horses are loose and running on the road at random times. Power Chicken is absolutely delicious. And we serve an incredible Savior.