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Money May Buy You Happiness But Joy is Free and Plentiful Here in Honduras


This post by Zack To be happy is a current state of emotion. One can be happy one minute and sad the next. However, joy in someone will always prevail no matter what the current emotion is. The town of Nueva Florida is full of joy. From the moment we show up each day

Money May Buy You Happiness But Joy is Free and Plentiful Here in Honduras2019-02-19T04:56:32-06:00

Wedding Day!


This post by Ali Today is the day I have been looking forward to ever since I heard it was happening. Wedding day. It was every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. We were able to witness 3 couples get married that otherwise would not have been able to. The people

Wedding Day!2019-02-19T04:57:22-06:00

No Palabras


This post by Tonya No palabras….no words that’s how I feel when I go to explain this experience to anyone who asks. Here I go and try anyway. As you drive through town and wonder how there aren’t car accidents every 100 ft. You can see the poverty and the conditions that are lived

No Palabras2019-02-16T03:49:03-06:00

Excited to Depart


The team is getting excited to head back to Haiti to spend time with Jean Jean, Kristie & family and the rest of United Christian's International! Keep your eyes on the blog for updates and be sure to leave plenty of comments to encourage the team. Back to Team

Excited to Depart2019-02-07T17:37:42-06:00

Less Than a Week Away!


The team is less than a week away from traveling to Honduras to spend time with Pastor Mario, his family and the rest of Cristo Centro Peñasquitos. Check back here in the future to read about the team's experiences while in country. And be sure to leave comments so that we can read them

Less Than a Week Away!2019-02-07T17:33:56-06:00

Gratitude All Around


Wow, it was a busy day, we saw over a 170 patients. It was hopping, everywhere, Dental was cranking them through, we probably helped a few dozen people improve their vision with some glasses, and  of course we filled hundreds of meds. Pharmacy was “ all hands on deck” as Jenni says. We were

Gratitude All Around2019-01-29T15:33:40-06:00

Sunday in Guatemala


Dan Today’s blog post is from our whole family.  All four of us are on this trip.  You’ll get to see the day from 4 different perspectives. We promise we wont read each others’ entries until they are posted. This is Dan’s (dad’s) view of the day.  The day started with church at our

Sunday in Guatemala2019-01-28T14:31:30-06:00

God Hears Our Prayers


Friday started with a HUGE spider crawling up our wall. I am talking HUGE! The kind of spider that you think you can kill from a distance, but the closer you get the bigger it gets and the hairier it looks. We still have spider legs sprinkled on the floor because they were that

God Hears Our Prayers2019-01-26T04:46:03-06:00

First Day of Clinic


Today was definitely life changing for me. It’s not like I have never served before, or been out of the country before or seen people going through hard times, but what will stay for me forever is the attitudes that these people choose to have. If we were in america, you probably wouldn’t see

First Day of Clinic2019-01-25T13:49:49-06:00
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