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Acts of Love


The last day of Truth Centered Transformation training for our sponsored families and the leadership of the Paulette and Tru de Nord churches is in the books.  The topics of the day were the churches role in making known the wisdom of God and performing acts of love in the community.   Eli and Jenny

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A Great Day


Our post isn’t as exciting as others. We mostly just held adorable babies all day. Today the children learned about the Armor of God. We talked about the Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Helmet of Salvation, Shield of Faith, Sword of the Spirit, and the Boots of Peace. The children also had fun

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Love is in the air


Today is Valentine’s Day…back at home and here in Haiti.  Our day was not filled with candy, flowers, and all the hallmark versions of how we normally spend celebrating Valentine’s day but rather it was a day truly filled with an authentic experience of love.  Today was our second full day in Haiti.  Of

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Building Bridges


Building Bridges Today was a day about building bridges. This was the first day to meet our Haitian families. At the beginning, there were some awkward moments and fear of the unknown.  Fortunately, one of our team members lead the way and broke the ice between cultures with her gift of humor and boldness.

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Team packing getting ready for our first trip to Haiti to meet our families, yeah:) Make sure to check back here on Monday 12th for updates on our trip. Back to Team Page


Saying Goodbye


Sunday The last day with my group “family”. So this is our last day/night with each other and it is going by faster than I would like it to go. We started by waking up an hour later than normal and it was hard for me to sleep in that long. I sat in

Saying Goodbye2018-03-20T19:23:36-06:00

Last Day


Saturday… What a week we’ve had! Leaving UCI is always hard, but this trip we left in a very special way. Earlier in the week during one of our deep conversations at night, Janet & Mike decided they wanted to get baptized. Haiti holds a special place in their hearts and what better way

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Goats, goats and more goats


By: Kobe Doman Today we went to John John’s house and had bananas and French toast for breakfast! When we where done we got one goat and gave it to a family. Then we went back to get Chocolate and Gorge (the goats) to give to two other families. We had to get the

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Did You Know….


Today was a school day.  We brought Playdoh with cookie cutters and string shapes to play with the kids.  We made stuff that they probably didn’t know existed like a snowman.  We saw the puppet show again.  Next, we helped with recess.  Some people ran, some chased, some walked around with 5 or more

Did You Know….2018-01-22T20:39:01-06:00
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