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Day One.. done!


Praise God for a full and smooth first day of our medical outreach! We saw 92 patients today and are certainly all joyfully exhausted. :) Post by Chloe: As someone who has been around and involved with children for the majority of my life, I thought I was rather prepared to come here and

Day One.. done!2022-07-28T23:03:18-06:00

Clinic Day 1


From Samantha: Today was the first day of the clinic and my first time here in Guatemala serving as a nurse. I came here back in 2016 on a service trip and got to help build the school where we run the clinic out of. It was so awesome to see the finished project

Clinic Day 12022-01-28T00:14:33-06:00

The team has landed!


The team has landed and after a long voyage in traffic arrived at the guest house. They will post about clinic tomorrow! Please pray for a fruitful first day of clinic. Back to Team Page

The team has landed!2022-01-26T20:50:12-06:00

Our Last Day in Guatemala!


We saw 95 patients today! What an amazing trip we've had. Here's a great summary of our trip, from Amy: "TEAM!!!  This blog will sound like a broken record to what I have written before, but I cannot say enough about how amazing this team has been and how grateful I am to have the opportunity

Our Last Day in Guatemala!2021-07-28T01:08:32-06:00

A Day of Rest


We enjoyed a day of rest worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Iglesia Galilea and then visiting Hobbitenango near Antigua! From Vicki: “I’ve come here so many times and the reason I do is because I love the Guatemalan people. This group is smaller, but it seems more connected. I’m really enjoying being

A Day of Rest2021-07-26T10:51:23-06:00

Clinica Day 2!


Our second clinic day is in the books! It was full of so many amazing experiences and stories to share. One highlight from my clinic day was a sweet young woman that waited ever-so-patiently outside my room while I was running behind schedule. I looked up and caught her gaze, and could just see

Clinica Day 2!2021-07-23T22:35:42-06:00

Telehealth Day 3- final day


Today was our final telehealth clinic day. Thank you to the many workers both in Utah and Guatemala that made this happen! Please continue to pray for the people in Guatemala and for ways we can continue to serve this community during such a difficult time. Our first post is from Donna, a nurse

Telehealth Day 3- final day2020-07-28T04:58:13-06:00

Telehealth Clinic Day Two!


Today, our telehealth team continued to work together to see patients in Guatemala. From Shawnda, one of our faithful team members, working from Utah: "I have heard a lot, and thought it myself, 2020 is the worst.  It definitely has been a time a change.  That really goes for working with this team.  Going

Telehealth Clinic Day Two!2020-08-28T21:00:02-06:00

Telehealth clinic day 1


A small team of doctors and nurses here are working to provide medical care through nurses, missionaries, and translators in Guatemala. Although there is nothing more than our team would like right now, we are unable to be face-to-face with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters and we are forever grateful for technology and the

Telehealth clinic day 12020-07-24T14:48:15-06:00
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