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Team Has Landed!


The 2018 Capital Guatemala Team has landed safely!  Please check back every day to follow the team and don't forget to comment as the team reads the comments every night.  Thank you for your prayers! Back to Team Page

Team Has Landed!2018-07-12T17:33:25-06:00

I am not the Great Physician


I’m writing today’s post from the skies over Miami as we fly home to Utah.  It seems surreal to be typing on a computer in a climate controlled plane with clean water, Wi-Fi and snacks.  Alas, I’ve been tracked down to write the post though and can’t escape my duty this time….. We were

I am not the Great Physician2018-02-01T18:24:01-06:00



If I had to sum up this week in one word, I would choose ‘humbled’. First, humbled by the fact that I’m even here! The Lord (and Debbie) has given me such an amazing gift to allow me to be back in Guatemala when it wasn’t a thought in my mind two weeks ago.


Children’s Ministry makes their own capes


Post by Robyn I’m blessed to share a room with five amazing women.  I’ve watched them for two days now and marveled at who they become in their element.  These women are smart, gifted, and their talents know no bounds.  They are nurses and doctors and the impact they have on the people in

Children’s Ministry makes their own capes2018-01-28T07:59:28-06:00

Joyfully Painfully Exhausted


Post Written by Janet What an amazing second day! It has been wonderful to see how the dental clinic has grown in just 2 and a half years. From our first dental clinic run July 2015 we were only able to do basic cleanings and MULTIPLE extractions. NOW we can do MULTIPLE fillings, cleanings,

Joyfully Painfully Exhausted2018-01-27T19:53:16-06:00

Out of my comfort zone


Post by Janelle Today I did something way out of my comfort zone…I looked at teeth all day long and enjoyed it, not to mention in another country!!! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would enjoy looking in the mouths of people. But I did. When you pray and serve the

Out of my comfort zone2018-01-26T14:11:19-06:00
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