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Telehealth Clinic – Day 4


Today was the final day of our telehealth clinic. This was an incredible week to be a part of as nearly 50 volunteers worked tirelessly to serve the 408 patients that came through the clinic to receive medical care. Thank you so much to everyone who helped and prayed for this ministry! The body

Telehealth Clinic – Day 42021-01-28T22:57:37-06:00

Telehealth Clinic – Day 3


It was another great day as our team was able to care for over 100 patients. We have an incredible team both here and in Guatemala who have put in countless hours to make this happen. I love what one of our amazing ministry partners, Wendy, had to say about the week so far:

Telehealth Clinic – Day 32021-01-28T00:11:03-06:00

Telehealth Clinic – Day 2


Today was another busy day as 104 patients came through the clinic. Here is a post from one of our superstar nurses here in Utah. Thank you for praying for all involved! When our lives turned upside down last year, I missed some of the little things, like travel, going to dinner with friends,

Telehealth Clinic – Day 22021-01-26T23:40:42-06:00

Telehealth Clinic – Day 1


We began our second Telehealth Clinic today with an incredible team of local medical professionals. This is such a humbling experience to be a part of as we get to witness kindness and service in action. Our team here and in Guatemala have given so much of their time and talents in order to

Telehealth Clinic – Day 12021-01-26T08:32:24-06:00

Onward to Haiti


A team of 11 from Alpine church arrived in Florida tonight and will make their way to UCI tomorrow. Please pray for traveling mercies tomorrow and check in all week as they work alongside our amazing partners at UCI. Back to Team Page

Onward to Haiti2020-01-16T20:46:29-06:00

Festival in San Lucas


As I look back on the time we have had here in Guatemala, we have been blessed to serve beside some true servants of God here in Guatemala, from the Pastors to the guard who opens the gate when we come and go.  It has also been a joy to meet, fellowship with and

Festival in San Lucas2019-07-20T05:23:44-06:00

Merari’s Miracles


The way Christianity is practiced in the United States, at least in my experience, we tend not to talk too much or with too much conviction about miracles. And when someone tells us about one, we tend to listen with holy skepticism. That’s not the way it is here. Fifteen years ago, on an

Merari’s Miracles2019-07-19T05:02:36-06:00

Festival in Membrillal


Party...Fiesta...Festival...Carnival! Hey it's T! Guaty is good. Life is good. I hope all is well in Utah. Luv the comments. Post by Thomas …to add on to what Thomas said, today was an awesome day! We all had an amazing time playing soccer with the kids this morning, setting up for the festival, and

Festival in Membrillal2019-07-18T06:28:10-06:00

God Working Through Us


Wow, what a week so far! We have done many things from cleaning up dirt and rubble, pouring concrete, and helping with festival activities. We have all been hit with some sort of stomach bug except for a small amount of us. Harrison was the one today that got it the worst, but he

God Working Through Us2019-07-17T03:55:33-06:00
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