Post from Amy:

Cheers to another successful medical outreach week!  It is with a “joyfully exhausted” heart that I finish out the blog posts for our July 2022 trip.  After many previous experiences and medical teams, I can honestly say this trip was the best of the old and new.  Our team consisted of several original members of the medical crew from the first medical trip to Guatemala in 2016.  It was so fun to reconnect with them and together, see all the progress the medical outreach has accomplished in last 6 years.  In addition, we had an amazing group of newer team members that kept the energy level up and the entire bus laughing after our exhausting days.  It is hard to describe how quickly you become family through the shared emotions/experiences in serving others, but it really does happen, creating lifelong friends.  Although the week was long, hard, and at times emotionally exhausting, there were so many amazing and positive experiences and it is clear that God’s hand is at work.