Another wonderful day in Guatemala. I really love these people, they are so kind and gracious. I want to share a medical experience I had a few days ago. We had a 9 year old young man who came in with his parents requesting a circumcision. The family said they couldn’t get anyone in Guatemala to do this for him-he had a few cases of phimosis and needed something to be done. So I decided to do it with a digital block, 3 forceps, and a scalpel. He actually did well but presented the next day with a considerable amount of bleeding. We were finally able to get it under control with some gel foam. I tell this story not so much because of the procedure, but because how well Tony did. He was so calm and trusting, it was amazing. Sometimes in life you just feel a connection with someone and this was one of those moments. Hopefully when this heals all will be fine for Tony and I trust it will with God’s help. I know I was able to provide a little something to Tony’s life, but because of the connection and love I felt between us, he gave me so much more.

Post written by Randy

Content in the Silence

Here I am in Guatemala on a medical mission trip, a high schooler with no medical training in any field. Yet the group found a place for me. At first I was told I would be placed with children’s crafts in the dental department; but once the clinic began I was swept into not only playing with play-doh dental heads, but teaching kids how to brush their teeth and then applying fluoride to their teeth. Now, teaching kids how to brush their teeth is easy, when there is not a language barrier; and of course you might say: “Well what about a translator.” And this is where I take a long sigh, and then smile while I say I have yet to have one. At first I struggled with this but today I finally came to the realization that communication isn’t always needed to teach. Through the simple actions of pointing, visual aids, and my limited Spanish vocabulary the kids got the point. This isn’t my favorite epiphany though. Today I also realized that communication isn’t needed to connect with people. Today I connected with a 7 year old girl named Sulu pretty much through smiles, laughter, and coloring about 6 coloring pages. Every time she flashed her smile (that lacked her two front teeth) at me I couldn’t help but smile back. We laughed over the play-doh teeth continuously falling out of the dental head and colored till our hands cramped up. Through this we connected. We connected with little to no communication whatsoever, and during this entire experience I was completely content.

Post written by Zoey